Whey Isolate Fitness Isomatrix 500gm


• High protein low carb post workout protein drink for high profile fitness enthusiasts of any age, specially
designed for female.
• High in Free Form BCAA & L-Glutamine
• Superior Quality Whey Protein Concentrate.
• Fortified With Sustain Released Casein Protein Low In Carbohydrates

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“Fitness Isomatrix :Designer protein for fitness enthusiasts
High Amounts of
Superior Quality Whey Protein with Miceler Casein
Low in Carbohydrates
It has been observed that the total per day protein intake of some fitness trainees is lesser then Required. Due to lack of protein intake, the labourious red muscle fibre (which are mainly responsible for fat burning process) are not properly recruited. As a result, the fat burning process is not as effective as is expected after intense cardio and workout session. Fitness Isomatrix has been formulated keeping in mind those fitness enthusiasts.
It is blend of 100% pure and ultra filtered whey protein concentrate and Miceler Casein, to keep fat, lactose and carbohydrates content low. It provides high levels of Branched-Chain Amino Acid and L-Glutamine for anti catabolism (muscle sparing) and anabolic responses.
Fusion of Fast Absorbing & Sustained Release Protein.
Fitness Isomatrix is fortified with Whey Protein Concentrate, High amount of BCCAs & L-Glutamine (which are fast absorbing protein & amino acids) along with Miceler Casein (Which is a sustained release high class protein). Hence, it not only fulfills tha body’s immediate requirement of amino acids but also provides it with amino acids in regular intervals. As a result the muscle recruitment process does not slow down and our body metabolic rate remains highl.
Monitors Blood Sugar Levels.
The ultra low glycemic response the Fitness Isomatrix limits the instability of blood sugar levels, thereby eliminating unwanted energy fluctuations. These properties make Fitness Isomatrix beneficial for those monitoring their blood sugar levels.

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