Ripp n Ripp 30 capsule


Ripp n Ripp

• Unique Fat Burning Formula
• Super-Thermogenic Compound
• Increases Metabolic Rate
• Controls Appetite
• Maintains Lean Body Mass

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Ripp n Ripp

“The new generation fat burning formula of Ripp N Ripp has been designed after a decade of pratical experiment. It is and ideal compostion of fat burning and muscle saving compounds which not only gives you energy during the cardio session but also saves your hard earned muscle for another session of weight training.

The Unique combination of premium quality ingredients such as : L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine,BCAAs, Taurin, Calcium,CFFEIN, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Alpha lipoic Acid and much more.

Studies have also shown that the advanced formula of Ripp N Ripp has been proved to be a very successful fat burner supplement for women as well as men.

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30 caps


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