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CALCIFIT Calcium for Strong Bone 90caps


• Bone strengthening calcium with Vit.D3
• Critical for the Mintenance of healthy Bones
• Fortified with Vitamin D3 for the best Absorption
• Calcium for Strong Bone Foundation

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“Calcium is the most important mineral which is necessary in the formation of strong bones and teeth. While the body is growing it is very necessary to supplement with calcium during this period the body requires and absorbs more calcium then usual
Regular exercise and adequate intakes of calcium with Vitamin D are critical for the development and maintenance of healthy bones throughout the life cycle.

Calcium is also called “the knitter” because of its influence on healing not only of broken bones but of wounds, lesions and disease damage in the body. Besides building bones, calcium is a very important electrolyte which is needed by several enzymes and hormones. As an electrolyte, it is involved with nerve transmission, water balance, acid/alkaline balance and maintaining osmotic pressure. Calcium is necessary for blood to clot and for heart muscle function. it may help maintain blood pressure and reduce the risk of colon cancer.


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